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2018 FEDVIP Dental Plan Overview

Summary overview of the MetLife Federal Dental Plan.

Employee Benefit Trends Study

Employee Benefit Trends Study

See how benefits can drive tangible results in the workplace.


Benefit Fair Request

Benefit Fair Request

Request a MetLife representative to attend your agency’s benefits fair.

Oral Health Library
  • Find out how to make informed oral health choices for yourself and your family.
Print Materials
  • Download and print MetLife Federal Dental plan details.


2018 Plan Summary

2018 Plan Brochure

Dental Health Manager
  • Help participants understand their risk for oral disease and their current dental health status.
Employees' FEDVIP Website

View the MetLife Federal Dental Plan benefits, rates, and more for plan participants.

The Oral Health Library is hosted by someone other than MetLife. Some treatments and procedures may not be covered under your plan options. Please be sure to reference the 2018 FEDVIP Plan Brochure or call 1-888-865-6854 (TDD 1-888-260-5376).